*** Operating Hours ***

<<LAST TAKE IN DEER WILL BE 12/31/2019>>

Monday Closed

Tuesday-Friday [8:00am to 6:00pm]

Sunday [9:00am – 4:00pm]

Deer Processing Information

Please do not skin your deer. We have a skinning system that keeps contaminants off of the carcass. We do not accept pre-skinned deer.

You must properly field dress your deer. Field dressing should be done immediately. A properly dressed deer will have a clean chest cavity, no bladder, rectum or udder.

When you drop your deer off you must provide us with your confirmation number if checked in using the Missouri Department of Conservation Telecheck system.

Due to the limited freezer space we ask that all orders be picked up within 7 days after you receive notification that your deer is ready. If you have not picked up your deer by then you will be charged a $2 storage fee per day.

We accept only cash or credit cards (no checks). Full payment or a 50% deposit is required at time of drop off. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must pick up deer within 7 days of being notified or deer will be donated. No refunds on deposit.

Please review our store hours for drop off and pick up order times or you may call us at 636-285-9090 to make special arrangements if needed.

Dittmer Meats is ready to make you some fantastic summer sausage, snack sticks, and cajun bratwurst!

Standard Deer Cut Chart


Deer Processing Price List

Basic Processing  $90

No Special Cuts

Summer Sausage  $3.25/lb

6lb minimum

Summer Sausage w/cheese  $4.00/lb

6lb minimum

J&C Summer Sausage  $4.25/lb
J&C is Jalapeno and Cheddar

6lb minimum

Snack Sticks  $3.50/lb

(2 packs) 5lb minimum

Snack Sticks w/cheese  $4.00/lb

5lb minimum

Snack Sticks w/J&C  $4.25/lb

5lb minimum

Breakfast Sausage  $2.00/lb

5lb minimum

Jerky  $4.50/lb

5lb minimum

Brats – Beer  $2.75/lb

5lb minimum

Brats – Cajun  $3.25/lb

5lb minimum

Brats – Beer w/J&C  $3.50/lb

5lb minimum

Quartered  $1.00/lb
Trim  $.50/lb


Dittmer Meats - Cattle Slaughter House and Processor


Butchering and processing beef that is supplied by the customer or from our group of local farmers who raise both corn feed beef and grass feed beef. All animals are processed separately and tracked throughout the process to assure that you get the animal that you dropped off. Sides of beef are aged to perfection and then cut and wrapped to your specifications. The beef is then frozen and boxed for your pickup. Beef can also be made into our fantastic summer sausage using our old world techniques.

Lamb and Sheep Processing at Dittmer Meats

Lamb & Sheep

Pasture raised and well-muscled, lambs and sheep are raised on our farm and sourced from local farmers. We custom process and prepare lambs and full size sheep to your specifications. Butchering both American style cuts, such as lamb chops or leg of lamb, or prepared whole lambs, to honor cultural and ethnic traditions. Our butcher shop can also cook lamb on a rotisserie style outdoor cooker, de-boned and package for your special event or celebration.

Goat Processing at Dittmer Meats


Extremely popular among our ethic customer! Dittmer Meats provides top quality goat meat, or chevon, that is locally farm raised on our pastures or from local farmers. Young goats can be processed and left whole, or cooked on our outdoor rotisserie and prepared for your special event. Full size goats can be cut, wrapped and frozen to your specifications, boxed and ready for pickup.


Slaughter House | Meat Processing | Butcher Shop

Since 2001, Dittmer Meats has been serving the greater St. Louis Area with premium quality meats straight from the farm to your freezer. As a slaughter house, meat processor and butcher shop we can source fresh local farm raised meat and custom process it to your specifications. We can also process your livestock, so you know that the animal you raised is going back on your table. Our facility is USDA inspected and our processing plant meets and exceeds all federal, state and local health guidelines. We sell whole and half side of meat, meat pack bundles, and individual cuts. Our butcher shop can also prepare cooked and cured meats, jerky, sausage and more. Honoring Ethnic, Cultural and Local Traditions Since 2001, call us today at 636.285.9090